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Air Pollution (2)

Contemporary GranadaPosted by Simon Mon, April 15, 2019 17:37:48
In January, I first posted about the alarming levels of air pollution in Granada, to which the city’s particular topography contributes [//]. Now a 30kph speed limit has been introduced for the whole urban area and will be maintained as long as the problem remains unresolved (the foreseeable future). It is one measure to fight pollution among others, which include the gradual increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles, the elimination of diesel and other highly contaminating fossil fuel-burning engines, and the promotion of environment-friendlier means of transport such as scooters, skateboards, roller skates, and bikes.

The town council voted in favour of the 30 kph speed limit on 1 March and at the moment traffic signs are being changed throughout the city.
A further measure will be to reduce the speed limit on the ring road from 100 to 90kph.
These new measures are designed to reduce not only air pollution but also noise pollution levels, not to mention accidents, thus improving the quality of life Granada.

I read somewhere that Granada used to be a quiet, almost silent city, and that when the wind blew in from the Vega it would not encounter a sound until it reached the gurgling of the fountain in Plaza Nueva. Lorca? Another anecdote said that the bell on the Veleta tower of the Alhambra was rung to signal changeover times for the irrigation canals out on the Vega, where it could be heard clearly at all hours.

Those days are gone and will not return, but we know: air pollution is a killer, - and silence is golden...

Acknowledgements: Susana Vallejo 10 Abril, 2019 - 14:12h

Left: the 30 kph speed limit applies to the entire road network inside the ringroad. Right: environment-friendly means of transport

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