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Granada, second most highly rated tourist city in Spain

Contemporary GranadaPosted by Simon Sat, April 13, 2019 11:19:22
If Granada is only the second, what is the first? is the obvious question to be asked. And the answer is: Santander.

The ratings are achieved by a comprehensive box ticking method with altogether fifteen categories to be evaluated, including the quality of public transport, preservation of the cultural heritage, cultural and tourist facilities, hospitality, a feeling of safety, entertainment for children, gastronomy, night life, shopping, and prices, plus a box for global satisfaction.

Granada did well on preservation of the cultural heritage, shopping and prices, scoring a total of 85 points out of 100. (Did less well on hospitality, maybe, what with the ‘malafollá granadina’...) It was pipped by Santander which scored 87 and outdid Granada on hospitality, gastronomy and safety. E. P. 11 April, 2019

* The ratings are from a survey carried out by the Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU) which asked Spanish, Belgian, French, Italian and Portuguese tourists who had stayed in a city inside or outside Spain for at least one night in the last two years.

The gastronomy of Granada: The Essential Guide: Where to Eat Tapas in Granada April 3, 2019

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