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new easyjet flights in 2019

AirportPosted by Simon Sat, December 22, 2018 10:01:33

Two new international flights have been announced for Granada Airport in 2019, one to Bordeaux and one to Nantes.

Flights are bookable on the Easyjet webpage. Flights to and from Nantes start on 31 March; Bordeaux flights start on 15 June.

There will be two flights a week to Nantes (anyone fancy a trip to the Loire Valley?), and three to Bordeaux.

With these two new destinations in France, Easyjet will have routes to a total of seven European cities. They already fly to Berlin, Milan, Naples, Manchester, and London.

That means they will have 206,000 seats available in 2019, an increase of 44% over the 143.000 seats they offered in 2018.

The photo shows the first Easy Jet flight arrival from Berlin earlier in 2018 and it is attributed to LAURA ANAYA.

Director general de Easyjet España, Javier Gándara, points out that one in five of their passengers flies to or from Spain and a significant but undisclosed proportion of them come to Andalusia.

Source: Enrique Abuín. Granada Hoy. 11.12.2018

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Granada is the Andalusian airport with the second greatest increase (20.3%) in the number of flights handled, only behind Seville (24.6%). Internal flights have done slightly better than international ones, and traditional airlines slightly better than low-cost.

Source: R. G. Granada Hoy. 12.11.2018

Apart from Easyjet, we have Paris, served by Vueling, and London City, served “seasonally” by British Airways.

Just over 900,000 passengers used the airline in 2017, so this increase should mean that the target of one million for 2018 has been reached.

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