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Lorca disappearing and deathPosted by Simon Mon, February 20, 2017 14:13:05

Of all the projects that have been undertaken in Granada but failed to come to fruition in the many years I have been living here, probably the most astonishing of them all has been the unsuccessful search for the remains of the poet Federico Lorca, murdered outside Viznar, a village just to the north of the city, in August 1936, shortly after Franco’s nationalist uprising against the Second Republic started. In the ‘Fable of the Three Friends’ in the Poet in New York collection Lorca famously wrote:


I realised they had murdered me.
They searched through the cafés, the cemeteries, and the churches,
they opened barrels and cupboards,
they destroyed three skeletons to tear out their gold teeth.
But they didn't find me.
They didn't find me?
No. They didn't find me.

The latest systematic search ended on 20 October last year, 2016, when the lead being followed by Miguel Caballero and Javier Navarro drew a blank. They have recently presented a report on their failure to the authorities and to the public.

Although the findings of the search are inconclusive, the evidence, circumstantial as it is, strongly suggests that the poet was shot and buried at the site indicated by Eduardo Molina Fajardo’s account – Los últimos días de Garcá Lorca (Lorca’s LastDays) published in 1983 - but then his body was dug up shortly afterwards and reburied elsewhere. This hypothesis corresponds with what Antonio Gallego Burín told Emilia Lanos and she told Agustín Penón in the mid-50s: the shock waves caused by Lorca’s murder were such that his remains were secretly moved to a mass grave nearby to make it harder for them to be found and identified.

Caballero and Navarro’s investigations conclude that Lorca was indeed killed at the Peñón del Colorado, on 17 or 18 August, and buried along with fellow victims schoolteacher Dióscoro Galindo and bullfighters Francisco Galadí and Joaquín Arcollas. Later all four bodies were transferred to the mass grave at Víznar which was opened a few weeks after their death. To throw further light on the matter it is vital that the police report on Lorca’s death drawn up by José Mingorance on Franco’s behest be found, says Caballero.

G. Cappa. Granada Hoy, 16 Febrero, 2017

And I'm not here, either!

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