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The Lorca CentrePosted by Simon Sun, February 05, 2017 20:10:02

The inauguration of the Lorca Centre was planned with great pomp and ceremony for 2011. A fantastic programme was announced, which I don’t like to think about now. Have a look, for example, at #post16, dated 30 Jan 2011. The declared aim was to make the Centre ‘one of the most important cultural assets’ in Spain with ‘a programme of activities of international relevance’.

Thanks to the fraudulent actions of Juan Tomás, it was not to be. (See previous #post57.) When the Centre was finally opened in 2015, it was a low-key affair without pomp, without ceremony, and without the legacy.

In the meantime, it has organised some quite interesting events, of which I would like to mention a couple I have attended.

From 27 October to 15 December 2016 they ran a Silent Movie Cycle. I managed to get to see for my first time Carl Theodor Dreyer’s La passion de Jeanne d’Arc of 1928, with live piano accompaniment by Jose Ignacio Hernandez. Brilliant! This was originally shown at the Residencia de Estudiantes Film Club, its third and final session, on 14 December 1928.

I missed Le Chien Andalou (1929) which I’ve seen a couple of times anyway. But it was on in a double bill with Jean Renoir’s 1924 film La fille de l’eau. I have loved the Renoir films that I have seen and would have liked to have seen this one.

I did see the Charlie Chaplin double bill The Immigrant (1917) and The Gold Rush (1925) which both lived up to their reputation. This was part of the sixth session of the Spanish Film Club, shown at the Goya Cinema on 4 May 1929.

On Tuesday 7 February I’m going to see a showing of Omega, a documentary about the making of the album of the same name recorded in 1996 by flamenco singer Enrique Morente and the local rock band Lagartija Nick featuring songs and poems by Lorca and Leonard Cohen with an amazing supporting line-up of musicians. The album is a milestone in the history of the fusion of flamenco and rock. It looks very promising.

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