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The Lorca CentrePosted by Simon Sun, February 05, 2017 15:39:53

We have talked about the Granada Metro, the AVE (high-speed train), and the international airport as fairly ambitious projects that are taking rather a long time to realise. What we haven’t discussed is the time it’s taking for Lorca’s ‘Legacy’ to arrive in his native city. Lorca’s Legacy refers to an archive consisting of over 2,000 sheets of original manuscripts, thousands of other documents, original drawings, musical scores and photographs, all of them relating to the poet’s work and life. This archive has been until now safely looked after at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid.

This archive, we are assured, will be transferred from Madrid to the purpose-built Lorca Centre in time for the 119th anniversary of the poet’s birth on 5 June 2017.

The last time I referred to the Lorca Centre was on 24 October 2013, #post41, when I reported: ‘The workmen have moved in. To finish the job. It's actually happening.’ An agreement had finally been reached between the State (Spain), the Autonomous Region (Andalusia), the City of Granada, and the Province as to how to finance the 4.5 million euros overspent above and beyond the original budget. These additional costs, we were told, corresponded to ‘unforeseen expenses’ which arose during the execution of the work between 2007 and 2013.

The 4.5 million euro deficit that delayed the opening of the Centre for such a long time corresponds pretty exactly to the amount that was embezzled by the Lorca Foundation’s secretary Juan Tomás Martín, who had been entrusted to handle the finances by the president, Laura García, the poet’s neice, daughter of brother Francisco.

So, you might say that it was because of this Juan Tomás that the inauguration of the Centre was delayed from 2008 till 2015.

Pictures: con-man and victim

Does it bode well for the transfer of Lorca’s Legacy from the Residence of Students in Madrid where they have remained safe since 1986 to the Lorca Centre in Granada where corruPSOE crooks like Juan Tomás are on the lookout to take advantage of the gullible to fill their own pockets? My gut feeling is: leave it there, where it has been safe for so long. I cannot say I feel overconfident about this invaluable legacy being held in what still seems to be the land of the ‘chavico’.

Sources: Ángles Peñalver Ideal Granada 4 Mar 2016; R. G. Sevilla, Granada Hoy 18 Jan 2017

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