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the metro is coming

MetroPosted by Simon Thu, February 02, 2017 20:46:56
In #post53 (07.01.2017) we talked about the revival of Granada’s international airport with Easyjet flights to London scheduled to start on 4 Feb (the day after tomorrow). In #post54 (30.1.2017) we looked at the dismal situation of Granada’s non-existent train connections to all points west (which includes Madrid) and drew a big question mark over the likelihood of there being any before 2017 is out.
Today we move on to the Metro, which was supposed to be opening in the last quarter of 2015, but wasn’t; and before that, in July 2014, the regional government fixed early 2015 for at least a partial inauguration of the line, but it didn’t happen; previous to which, in the spring of 2013, it was confidently predicted the service would be in operation by the following spring. I wrote about this in #post50 (26.09.2016) just after I got back from Birmingham. Now, hold onto your hats!, the Metro will be opening in March 2017, next month! A recruitment process has been initiated and CVs for the 97 new posts created had to be submitted by 31 December 2016. There were 21,000 applications.

Nobody has actually been employed yet but I understand CVs for the 54 vacancies for train drivers are being sorted through as I write, as this post requires a longer period of innitiation.

Of course, nobody really expects the Metro to be up and running by March. But it does look as if 2017 will be the year Granada gets its Metro, with just a six-year delay.

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