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Granada – an international airport once more

AirportPosted by Simon Sat, January 07, 2017 10:53:38

My last post on this subject (04.03.2014) was a rather too skeptical and sarcastic report on the setting up of a committee to “guarantee the future” of Granada as an international airport.

I had previously (29.012013 post 27) noted how Granada, after reaching a peak of 1.467.625 passengers in 2007, had hit rock bottom in 2012, becoming the last placed of the five Andalusian passenger airports, falling even behind remote Almería.

In fact, in terms of passenger numbers, Granada fared even worse in 2013, reaching a low of 638,288. Since then, the decline has been stopped and slightly reversed, numbers nudging just above 700,000 in 2015.

Well, that committee, that Panel of bigwigs that I was rather scathing about, seems to have come up with the goods. As Guadalupe Maldonado reported in Granada Hoy (Guadalupe S. Maldonado Granada, 14 December, 2016) back in December, the Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport is expanding its activities as a destination for international flights. This is primarily due to the incorporation of new Easyjet routes between London, Milan, and Manchester.

· - London flights start on 4 February 2017 and will operate three times a week.

· - The Milan flight starts on 26 March 2017 and will also operate three days a week.

· - The flight to Manchester starts on 21 July and will operate two days a week.

While the airport commits itself to filling the flights as far as possible by means of publicity and marketing campaigns, I understand no subsidies are involved, in contrast to the arrangements made with Ryanair, who pulled out in 2010 when no new subsidies were forthcoming.

The three new routes are supposed to be going to account for an extra 54.000 passengers per year and the goal is to reach one million passengers in the next two or three years, returning to the volume of passengers last reached in 2006.

At the moment, Granada does have two international destinations, with two flights each per week: Transavia France to Paris Orly and British Airways (BA Cityflyer) to London City.

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