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AVE (High Speed Train)Posted by Simon Tue, February 12, 2019 19:02:04
Granada will be linked to the High Speed Train (AVE) network from June 2019. [See previous blogs: Oct 2018 (#91); May 2018 (#85); Jan & Feb 2017 (#54 & 56); March 2014 (48); and Feb 2013 (#29).] This is almost certainly probably definite. It’s what Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, said last September. And besides, 18 June 2019 is the date that the bus replacement service to ferry people between Granada and Antequera expires. Until now, the bus company contract has been renewed every six months since the railway line was permanently closed for works to be carried out on the new line in April 2015.

Well, we said ‘probably definitely’ because, just in case, the bus replacement contract has been extended for another three months from 19 June, but not, we note, for the usual six. There has never previously been a contract of such short duration. So we have good reason to be optimistic. Something is moving. They’ve started training the High Speed Train drivers, I hear. So if it isn’t June, it will surely be before September?

The High Speed Train was once supposed to start serving Granada in 2007. In 2015 the station was closed ‘for 4 - 6 months’ while essential works were carried out. Then they talked about late 2017 for the first AVE to Granada, then early 2018, etc., etc

But this summer, 2019, you will probably definitely be able to whoosh into Granada at 300kph from either Madrid, or Sevilla. Fingers crossed. Or you could catch a plane from seven European cities. [//]

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